How to Install Samsung The Frame & Deco TV Frames

Samsung The Frame installation with a Deco TV Frame can easily be installed within a few minutes.

Samsung The Frame Custom FrameThe Deco TV Frames line is exclusively designed for Samsung The Frame as a premium frame line offering gold, silver, white, and more options spanning 16 styles to suit any decor. Each frame ships as four pieces that magnetically assemble at the corners and clip onto the TV. Expert installation assistance is not required. 


image-png-Jun-01-2022-03-26-56-75-PMBEFORE YOU INSTALL

If you are using one of the basic magnetic snap on  Samsung Frame Bezels currently, you'll need to remove that bezel before you can install any of our Deco TV Frames or Alloy Bezels. 


How to Install A Deco TV Frame

Shown here is install of a Samsung Frame TV and a Deco TV Frame from our Premiere Collection.

Here is more info on the 2021-2022 Samsung Frame TV Install or also our 2021-2022 Samsung Frame TV Unboxing. The installation process of our Deco Frames for all model years of the TV is the same process, but the hardware included with the frame does vary slightly for the 2020 and older TVs. 

Assembly Instructions

Step 1

On a carpeted or soft surface, arrange the four sides of the frame face down while matching up letters A, B, C, D as shown. 

Step 2

Magnetically join each of the four corners together. 

⚠️  Be careful not to pinch your fingers!! The magnets are quite strong. ⚠️  


Step 4 (Only for Select Screen Sizes) 

If there are a pair of holes at the four corners of the back of your frame near the letter stickers, this means you'll need to use the set of four corner braces that are provided. Typically these can be found in with the provided literature. 

⚠️ It is important to use these corner braces to hold the mitered corners tightly together especially on larger size frames. 

⚠️ To prevent damaging the finish of the frame, ONLY attempt to install the corner braces while the frame is laying face down flat on a soft surface to prevent damage to the frame.

Should you ever need to remove the corner braces, simply slide a flat head screw driver or butter knife between the brace and the back of the frame and twist until the brace pops out. 


Step 5

Once the TV is mounted on the wall, gently tilt the frame at a 30-degree angle and hook the upper hooks onto the top edge of the TV. Then, swing the bottom side of the frame back towards the TV for a secure fit.

Step 6

After securely hanging the frame on the top edge of the TV, gently reach behind the frame to pull down the spring latches. Press the frame firmly against the TV until it is fully flat, then release the latches to securely hook the frame onto the TV.

Step 7

Capture the beauty of your new frame with some photos and share them on social media for your friends to enjoy! Don't forget to tag @decotvframes and enter our photo contest for a chance to WIN a $250 Rebate if your photo is selected!!! Click Here to Enter and Learn More.


Important TV Setting Adjustments To Make

Click Here to learn more about how to adjust TV settings for the motion sensor and room lighting so that your TV will stay in art mode. 



Have a Deco TV Frame from our Alloy Collection?  

alloy banner 1600px widthThe installation method for our solid aluminum Alloy Frames is different than our Premiere Collection described above.   Click Here for Alloy Frame Install Instructions


Official Samsung TV Install Video


Compatible TVs for Deco Frames

If you have a different TV other than a Samsung Frame TV you would like to see us offer support for in the future, please CLICK HERE to vote for a specific model TV. 


Tutorials on Samsung The Frame

YouTube deco tv frames Samsung The FrameWe regularly publish new videos about Samsung The Frame TVs to answer many FAQs to help you get the most of your TV. Be sure to subscribe to our channel to learn more. 


Electrical Requirements For Samsung The Frame

Samsung_One_Connect_Cord-pngThe great thing about Samsung The Frame TVs is all of the power for the TV and audio-video signals to the TV are connected via a single clear cable to the One Connect Box that's included with every Samsung Frame TV. Below is a wiring diagram explaining this.  

Simply put you don't need to do anything special with your electrical for a Samsung Frame TV. You simply place the One Connect Box somewhere nearby and plug it into a 110v outlet.  Then the One Connect Cord supplies all of the power to the TV. 

If you check out our Instagram @decoTVFrames you'll see many great highlights bubbles on the One Connect Box and Samsung Frame TV. If you wish to put your One Connect Box in the wall behind the TV, check out this helpful article on Hiding A Samsung One Connect Box


The One Connect Box is a Hub for Apple TV and other devices



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