TV Adjustments with Deco TV Frames

Adjusting brightness and motion sensor settings for Samsung The Frame with a Deco TV Frame


NOTE: You'll only want to use these settings if you are NOT using our optional Smart Room Sensor (SRS-1) module in combination with your Deco TV frame.  

Learn More about the SRS-1 Module

NOTE: The SRS module is only compatible with 2020 and earlier Samsung The Frame TVs.  For 2021-2022 TVs we are soon releasing the SRS-2 Module. You can place an order for an SRS-2 unit here


Art Mode Adjustments

To optimize your viewing experience and to ensure the art doesn't turn off unexpectedly, you'll want to make the following setting adjustments from within art mode. Simply disable "Night Mode" as described below. 

For 2022 Samsung Frame TVs

  1. Press HOME button and on the left nav menu select Art Mode 
  2. From the Art Mode screen scroll ALL the way to the very bottom of the page and you'll see the setting for Night Mode. Turn Night Mode to OFF. Follow the steps in the video below. 

For 2021 Samsung Frame TVs 

You'll simply want to disable a feature called "Night Mode" It's found under the art settings. 

  1. Gentle press the power button to enter Art Mode
  2. Press the Up side of the round center dial 
  3. Navigate to Settings
  4. Change "Sleep After" to OFF
  5. Change "Night Mode" to OFF



For 2017-2020 Model Years: 

To Adjust Art Mode Settings

  1. Press the round center button on the remote
  2. Press DOWN three times, then RIGHT two times to access the art mode settings. 
  3. From here you can adjust Screen Brightness, Sleep Timer, Motion Detector, and Night Mode as outlined in the above video. 


Have you Experienced your TV turning off unexpectedly? 

This is because in some lighting, the TV can think that nobody is in the room after an add-on frame has been added. All you need to do is turn Night Mode OFF as outlined in the above video. 


Adjusting TV Brightness

If you notice the TV's screen brightness decreases when adding one of our premium Deco TV Frames, you can easily adjust the screen brightness accordingly.

2022 Samsung Frame TVs

Once you select a piece of art you'll see a pop-up screen with a few buttons. The last button is a gear symbol which will allow you to adjust the screen brightness. 

IMAGES 2022 coming soon for the instructions this newly released TV. 

2021 Samsung Frame TVs


2017-2020 Samsung Frame TVs




TV Mode Adjustments

Adjusting the Motion Sensor & Intelligent Settings

You may wish to disable or make adjustments to some of the Eco and Intelligent settings for brightness, light detection and motion using the following settings.

To Access TV Settings

Press HOME on the remote and scroll left until the settings menu appears. 

Access this menu by pressing: 

HOME button > Settings > General > Eco Solution

Access this menu by pressing: 

HOME button > Settings > General > > Intelligent Mode Settings


Frame Installation Instructions

View This Help Article 


Compatible TVs for Deco Frames

remote graphic-03At this time, Deco TV Frames are ONLY compatible with Samsung Frame TVs and would NOT be compatible with other Samsung models or other TVs. 

If you have a different TV you would like to see us offer support for in the future, please CLICK HERE to vote for a specific model TV. 




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