Samsung The Frame 2021 Review

See what's new for The Frame 2021 and how does it compare to the 2020 model.

Full Review of Samsung Frame TV 2021


Unboxing Samsung The Frame 2021

You simply must see how thin this new Samsung Frame TV is! Here's an overview of what's in the box and how the new year is different from previous years. 

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What's New for Samsung Frame TV 2021?

  • The new model is just over half the thickness of the prior models at a thinness of just 1"!! 
  • The wall mount on the back has changed to two plates instead of one
  • All new remote with no removable batteries and charges via solar or USB-C 

Tutorials on Samsung The Frame

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The Thinnest Samsung Frame Yet!

Samsung The Frame 2021 thickness

A Solar Recharging Remote for Samsung Frame

Samsung-The-Frame-2021-solar-remoteThe new Samsung Frame TV remote no longer has removable batteries and now has both a USB-C port in the bottom to recharge the remote as well as a solar panel on the back side. 




Samsung The Frame 2021 No Gap Wall Mount

Samsung-Frame-TV-2021-no-gap-mount-hardwareFor the new model year, now that the TV is so much thinner, the wall mount has changed from a single plate and a single mount in the middle of the TV to now being a pair of plates and a pair of mounts on the left and right side of the TV. We do think the new combination of plates may prove to be a bit more challenging to install and align than the single plate approach from prior years. 


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Has the One Connect Box Changed? 

Samsung_One_Connect_Cord-pngEverything about the One Connect Box on the 2021 Samsung Frame TVs remains unchanged. Dimensions, ports, and design is all the same. Learn More about the One Connect Box



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