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SRS-2 | Smart Room Sensor for 2021-2022 Samsung Frame TVs

With the completely redesigned SRS-2, we add support for the motion, light, and infrared sensors on the Samsung Frame TV.


UPDATED: June 22, 2022. Check back for periodic updates. 

The first Bach of 100 SRS-2 units are being shipped as of this week to fill the first of the  initial pre-orders. In about 3-4 weeks the next batch will ship to satisfy the remaining pre-orders. You will receive an automatic email notification when your order ships. 

If you are checking back from a prior inquiry, this date was unfortunately pushed out from prior projections due to needing to continually redesign the unit as we kept learning different chips were unavailable from the global supply chain chip shortages. The good news though is we have now sourced all necessary components and the units are in production. We are truly sorry for the delay that's been beyond our control on the release of this new device. 




SRS-2 Overview

The Smart Room Sensor (SRS-2) is designed for use with Samsung The Frame TVs and is intended to duplicate the functionality of the motion, ambient light, and infrared (IR) sensors on all model years of Samsung The Frame TVs. This is accomplished through a direct wired connection to the One Connect Box.

Feature Highlights: 

  • Directly plugs into One Connect Box via Samsung X-Link port
  • Motion Detector - Sense motion in the room to wake the TV from standby when motion is detected
  • IR Repeater - Detects Infrared (IR) signals from all types of remotes including universal remotes and sends IR signal directly into a wired X-Link port on the One Connect box for no loss like with conventional IR repeaters and IR emitters. 
  • Ambient Brightness Detector - Adjust the brightness of the screen in art mode based on the rooms lighting conditions to make the art look more realistic in both dim and brightly lit rooms. 
  • WiFi upgradable firmware 
  • Web based app for adjusting advanced settings 


The SRS-2 unit can we used with ALL model years of Samsung The Frame TVs across all screen sizes and does not require any special modifications to the frame.   The frame does not need to be removed from the TV to install due to this device connecting directly to the One Connect box. 

SRS-2 Quick Start Guide (Recommended for most users)

IMPORTANT: Before connecting the SRS-2 to the One Connect Box, you will need to adjust the following settings on the TV so the SRS-2 can be the source of these functions that are currently being performed by the sensors on the TV.

TV Setting Adjustments

Step 1: Launch the ART MODE screen by pressing the HOME button on the remote and navigate to ART MODE on the left navigation menu. (On older model years the menu and icon is across the bottom of the screen to the left)

Step 2: Scroll to the very bottom of the page and under “Art Mode Options” change SLEEP AFTER to OFF.

Connecting the SRS-2 to the TV

Step 1: On the back of the One Connect Box locate port labeled Ex-Link. Use the provided cable to connect directly to the TV Ex-Link port on the SRS-2

Step 2: Use the provided Mini-USB cable and power cube to connect to the Power port on the SRS-2.    


image-png-1DO NOT attempt to power the SRS-2 from one of the USB ports on the One Connect Box. With the current firmware of Samsung Frame TVs, the USB ports on the One Connect Box go to sleep when the TV is off or in standby and therefore would cut the power to the SRS-2 making it unable to detect motion in the room and wake up the TV.


Step 3: Place the SRS-2 in a discrete location in the room that free from shadows and obstructions for the best performance. 


If the SRS-2 is placed inside a cabinet, it would not be able to receive IR signals or to accurately read the ambient light levels in the room and motion detection would be severely diminished. If detecting ambient room brightness is not important to you, you could place the device in a shadowed area or behind a glass cabinet door where IR signals & motion could still be detected.


How the Samsung Frame TV’s Native Settings Operate

Night Mode 

A setting within the TV’s Art Mode that will turn the TV off after one minute if there is a substantial decrease in the rooms ambient brightness (ie: when the lights are turned off). In some instances, adding a frame onto the tv can add enough shadow to fool the TV into thinking the lights are out and nobody is in the room. Night mode is often confused with the motion sensor on the TV, but actually has nothing to do with motion detection. 

Sleep After

A setting within the TV’s Art Mode that watches for motion in the room to determine if the room is occupied. If no motion in the room is detected for a set period of time (2 min, 5 min, 30 min, 1 hr, etc) then the TV will turn off until motion OR  a substantial increase in room brightness is detected at which time Art Mode will turn back on. 

Remote Control Communication / IR Sensor 

The Samsung remote that comes with the TV uses a hybrid communication method of both Bluetooth and  IR (infrared that requires direct  line of sight) to send remote commands to the TV. Since Bluetooth uses radio frequencies, adding a frame  to the Tv would not interfere. If you are using other IR only functions or a third party IR based remote, then the frame would block this IR sensor on the bottom of the TV. 

How the SRS-2 Integrates with the TVs Settings & Sensors 

Night Mode via SRS-2

The SRS-2 unit has an ambient light sensor to detect both from the front and the top of the device  and sends commands to the TV to replace the light sensor that’s built into the TV and detect that light from another location in the room rather than behind the frame. 

DO NOT enable Night Mode on the TV or you’ll find that the SRS-2 WILL NOT work as designed. 

Sleep After via SRS-2

The SRS-2 is equipped with a mini radar/motion sensor tower that can detect motion in the room to turn the TV after a default of 60 seconds and back on when motion is detected.  To change this to a longer duration than the default one minute, this can be done via the Deco  Mobile App.

DO NOT try to specify the time delay in the TV’s settings or the SRS-2 WILL NOT work. Sleep After must be set to OFF. 

Remote Control / IR commands with SRS-2

Once the SRS-2 is powered on, it will immediately operate as an IR repeater sending all commands directly into the EX-Link port on the TV. No TV settings adjustments are necessary for the IR repeating functionality. The only detail to ensure is that the IR sensor on the SRS-2 is not obstructed and can have direct line of site to the remote sending the IR commands. 

If NOT using a frame on the TV, there is a potential that duplicate IR commands could be received via both the sensor on the TV and the SRS-2 which could lead to an unintended operation. If you are NOT using a frame on the TV, but are using and SRS-2 unit, then you'll need to cover the sensor on the TV with black electrical tape. 


Device Features


The SRS-2 is designed to be a simple plug & play device that packs many features as described above. These basic features can be verified through some of the colored lights on top of the device.

  • Power – When the device has power, the power LED will be solid white.
  • IR Signal – If a signal from an IR remote is detected such as those commonly transmitted by third party universal remotes or a remote from your cable company, this signal is received by the IR Sensor on the front left corner and transmitted via the EX-Link port directly into the TV. A quick blue flicker of the IR signal LED will flash when this occurs.
  • Motion Detection – The vertical radar bar contains an omni directional motion sensor to detect motion within approximately 20’ and will send an on command to the TV to wake up from sleep mode.
  • System – This is a multi-colored LED that can be used to indicate when a firmware update is occurring or some other admin task.

Additional Ports (advanced use only):

For the initial release of the SRS-2 device, the IR IN & Ex-Link Pass ports are not enabled. Support for these advanced ports will be added in a future firmware update. 

  • IR IN – This additional port can be used to connect an external IR receiver target if you want to tuck away the main SRS-2 module somewhere more hidden. However, keep in mind that doing so could impact the motion sensing and ambient light detection.
  • EX LINK PASS – This is an advanced functionality designed for future development as a pass through port for when using ex-link communication from an advanced home automation system. This port is currently disabled and should NOT be used. Contact us if this is a feature you would need for an advanced application so we can better understand your use case.


Additional Settings via Web Interface:

The SRS-2 has a companion webpage for manually adjusting some settings. This app is accessed over WiFi by joining a local network for the device.  The vast majority of cases would not require accessing the mobile app, but may be necessary in the event of a software update.

To access the app from either mobile and/or desktop devices:

  • Go to your WiFi settings and connect to the network SSID DECO-FRAMES-xxxxxx  . Default password is 1234
  • Once connected to the DECO-FRAMES network a browser screen will automatically launch with the mobile app and settings.


NOTE: This device is not designed to join your home WiFi network and is only access locally through the private DECO-FRAMES-xxxxxx network. 


Web Interface

Deco-Web-AppThrough the web interface you can enable and disable the sensors on the SRS-2 and make some minor adjustments to their sensitivity as well as update the firmware for the device. 


After making the necessary setting adjustments on the TV as shown in the earlier part of the instructions, now you can replicate those sensors using the settings here for the SRS-2. There should be no need to change any of these settings on the SRS-2 beyond the default settings, but this screen is available should you wish to make adjustments to how the SRS-2 functions. 

  • Night Mode: Leave this enabled if you want the TV (while in art mode) to go to sleep or wake up when the lights are turned on/off in the room
    • Dark Threshold: By default you'll want to leave this set to the mid level of 3.  If you want the TV to go to sleep when there is still a moderate level of light in the room then use a setting of 5. If you don't want the TV to go to sleep until the room is completely dark then use a setting of 1
  • Sleep After: Leave this enabled if you want the TV to go to sleep after the selected duration of time when no motion is detected in the room. 
  • IR Sensor Enabled: This is the setting that repeats IR commands seen by the SRS-2 and communicates them directly into the Ex-Link port on the TV. 
  • Update Firmware: The latest firmware version is 1.20. As new firmware becomes available, it will be available for download via a link in this help article. 


Tell Us What You Think!

FeedbackThe SRS-2 was created through 18 months of engineering and feedback from users just like yourself. We would love to know how we did with it and if there are any ways we could make it even better. All feedback is greatly appreciated. 

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