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Updating SRS-2 Firmware via Web Interface

If you need to update the firmware or make other minor adjustment settings there is a Web Interface for this.


The most common SRS-2 functions are ENABLED by default so you have full plug-and-play functionality. Just be sure to disable Night Mode & Sleep after on the TV itself when connecting the SRS-2 unit (See How)  

The following section about the Web Interface is NOT necessary for 95% or more of users. The primary purpose of the web app is to be able to update the firmware.   The only other reason to access the web app would be if you want to disable any of the functions of the SRS-2. Through our testing and development, we feel the default settings preset on the device will be ideal for most users. 

NewSRS_PasswordAdditional Settings via Web Interface:

The SRS-2 has a companion webpage for manually adjusting some settings. This app is accessed over WiFi by joining a local network for the device.  The vast majority of cases would not require accessing the mobile app, but may be necessary in the event of a software update.

To access the app from either mobile and/or desktop devices:

  • Go to your WiFi Network settings (NOT your bluetooth devices list) and connect to the network SSID DECO-FRAMES-xxxxxx  . Default password is 1234567890        
    • NOTE: Prior to firmware v1.79, released on October 17, 2023, the password is only 9 digits, 123456789
  • Once connected to the DECO-FRAMES network a browser screen will automatically launch with the mobile app and settings.


NOTE: This device is not designed to join your home WiFi network and is only access locally through the private DECO-FRAMES-xxxxxx network.   


Web Interface

SRS2-mobile-v1-39Through the web interface you can enable and disable the sensors on the SRS-2 and make some minor adjustments to their sensitivity as well as update the firmware for the device. 

After making the necessary setting adjustments on the TV as shown in the earlier part of the instructions, now you can replicate those sensors0using the settings here for the SRS-2. There should be no need to change any of these settings on the SRS-2 beyond the default settings, but this screen is available should you wish to make adjustments to how the SRS-2 functions. 

  • Night Mode: Enabling Night Mode allows the SRS-2 to turn the TV off automatically at night
    when the ambient light in the room drops to a low level. Set this level by adjusting the Dark Threshold, where "1" is full dark, and "5" is a fairly dim room (with a night light or moonlight, for instance). This setting only affects the TV when in Art Mode. Leave this enabled if you want the TV (while in art mode) to go to sleep or wake up when the lights are turned on/off in the room
    • Dark Threshold: By default you'll want to leave this set to the mid level of 3.  If you want the TV to go to sleep when there is still a moderate level of light in the room then use a setting of 5. If you don't want the TV to go to sleep until the room is completely dark then use a setting of 1
  • Sleep After: Enable this feature if you want the TV to go to sleep after a selected duration of time when no motion is detected in the room. This setting only affects the TV when in Art Mode and is disabled by default in the SRS-2 firmware since the TV ships with this setting disabled as well. 
  • IR Sensor Enabled should be on when using a third-party infrared (IR) remote
    to control the TV, such as from a cable or satellite provider. This should be
    turned off if only using the Samsung remote that came with the TV.
  • Brightness Optimization: Enabling Brightness Optimization allows the SRS-2 to adjust the brightness of the TV screen to match the ambient light level in the room. When enabled, the Minimum Brightness level can be set from 0-50. This setting only affects the
    TV in TV Mode.
  • Update Firmware: For uploading new versions of the firmware when released. See below for details. 

Firmware Updates

From the web interface described above, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "UPDATE FIRMWARE" to upload the new firmware file. This can be done from a mobile device, though you may find it easier to save the file to your computer then join the network of the SRS-2 from your computer to upload the file from your computer. 

How to Update the Firmware



Latest Firmware Version:  v1.85     Released on January 15, 2024 

Download File 

All Versions

Version Released On File Notes
v1.85 January 15, 2024 Download
  • Eliminates unwanted repeats with long presses
  • Fixes Channel commands turning of Art Mode
  • Better responsiveness for rapid button presses
v1.83 December 13, 2023 Download Additional IR command support for universal, 2020, and 2021 remotes
v1.82 December 4, 2023 Download
  • Enables Bluetooth pairing of remotes through SRS without line of sight to TV's IR sensor
  • Additional IR commands supported for 2022 and later remotes
v1.79 October 17, 2023 Download
  • Enhanced IR and ExLink power commands added for 2022 and later models.
  • Various code upgrades for increased reliability of other functions.
  • Library update required password change to 10 digits (default 1234567890)
v1.74 April 20, 2023 Download
  • Updates to core libraries
  • Changes to TV Power commands which caused erratic behavior in certain cases 
v1.66b March 9, 2023 Download
  • Updates to various libraries
  • Enforces properly formatted ExLink responses from TV and handles exceptions
  • Refined Art Mode test to handle additional responses
  • removed redundant TV status tests in certain SRS states
v1.59 January 17, 2023 Download Adds timeout to exit possible infinite loop in bootup sequence if interrupted



November 23, 2022 Download Remove unnecessary power tests in Sleep After and Night Mode states



November 16, 2022 Download Fixes issue where TV acknowledges commands but does not execute
v1.55 November 7, 2022 Download
  • Updates to core libraries
  • Adjustments to Art Mode test to handle exceptions
  • Additional code to handle waking when TV is in Standby

August 17, 2022

  • Fixed issue where Sleep After and Night Mode would turn certain versions of TV off while in TV mode.
  • Added color coded blips of the System LED while TV is off in different conditions
  • Additional small adjustments based on user feedback. 

July 19, 2022

  • Improvements to GUI on settings page
  • Edited help text for info icons
v1.38 July 18, 2022 Download
  • Changed default SRS settings to match TV factory settings
  • Changed Dynamic Brightness setting to Brightness Optimization and added a Minimum Brightness setting
  • Made brightness adjustments more gradual
v1.35 June 30, 2022 Download Initial public release