Samsung Frame TV Remote Not Working Flashing Red

Is your Samsung Frame remote only working from a few inches away or not at all?

Samsung Frame TV Status Light flashing red repeatedly?

If the status light on your Samsung The Frame TV is just flashing red repeatedly, this means your remote has become unpaired with your TV. This could have happened by accidentally holding a button down for too long and resetting the remote to factory defaults perhaps from being sat on or a child playing with it. 

Samsung Frame TV Remote only working from a few inches away?

If your remote is only working from a few inches away you may need to unpair and repair the remote.


Both of the above symptoms can easily be solved with the following video. 



Step 1 - Entering Samsung Frame Remote Pairing Mode

Samsung Frame TV Remote PairingFirst press the "Home" Button to put the TV into TV mode if it's in art mode and if you have a Deco TV Frame on the TV as shown in the video, you'll want to remove the Deco frame or at least release the lower latches and hold the remote near the bottom of the TV near the TV's motion sensor. 


Press down the  Back and Play Buttons simultaneously for 4-7 seconds to put the Samsung Frame TV into pairing mode (also use the same procedure to put Samsung Frame TV remote into unpairing mode)


Step 2 - Samsung Frame Remote Pairing Process

The TV will enter pairing mode as shown. 

Samsung The Frame TV Remote Pairing Troubleshooting

Step 3 - Samsung Frame Remote Successfully paired

Congrats! Your Samsung Frame TV is paired. Enjoy your favorite programming. 


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