Need to Use a Samsung Frame TV with a Universal Remote & Deco TV Frame?

If using a Deco TV Frame in combination with a Samsung Frame TV, you may encounter some trouble at first but there is a solution.


It's important to understand that the scenarios vary depending on which model year Samsung Frame TV you have. The 2021 TV is different from the prior years in how they communicate with Universal Remotes



How the Remote Communicates

The standard remote that comes with a Samsung Frame TV sends out two kinds of signals. The primary method of communication is Radio Frequency (RF) which is the most reliable method. The secondary and far less reliable method is Infrared (IR). The IR method is commonly used for communications with third party devices such as an IR controlled speaker like a Sonos speaker bar. Depending on the year of your TV, the TV has an IR sensor on the bottom middle or the bottom right of the TV. 

With 2021 Samsung Frame TVs


The infrared remote sensor for the 2021 Frame TV is located on the bottom right edge of the TV and faces directly forward and is in a fixed position. 

Samsung-the-frame-2021-side-viewWhen adding a Deco TV Frame to the TV, the 2021 TV's are incredibly close to the wall which seems great at first, but NOT if you're using a third party universal remote. This is where things get a bit more complex. Because the new TV's are so thin, there is no room between the back of the frame and the wall to allow for the Infrared signal to reach the sensor on the TV. As a result, the functionality of a universal remote on a 2021 Samsung Frame TV in combination with a Deco TV Frame could be limited. 

What's the Solution?

This has become an unexpected surprise that recently came to our attention as we began learning about the challenges users are experiencing with third party universal remotes. Understanding that not everyone will be using the Samsung remote, we do have our engineering team working on developing an ultra compact electronic repeater device, but to be honest after considering R&D, testing, and manufacturing of a special device for this specific use case, our best estimate is it will be close to the end of 2021 before we can have a device ready for the public. 

IR-2As a work around if you cannot wait until this new device becomes available, we do have a different device called our IR-2 Infrared Relay System. However, because the TV is so incredibly thin, there isn't enough space between the back of the Deco Frame and the wall to hide the device so you would have to use some sort of an in-wall box to put the unit in the wall behind the TV. 

Or if you are on a stone wall and can't put an in-wall box in the wall, then you could just use a piece of 1" thick plywood behind your TV to mount the wall mount plates to that to pin the TV away from the wall a bit or place it just behind the body of the TV and that would pin the TV away from the wall far enough to get the block behind the wall. Yes, this approach does sort of defeat the purpose of the ultra thin 2021 TV, but alas that's why it's considered a work around until we can develop an ultra compact IR-2 later this year. 

With 2020 and earlier Samsung Frame TVs

The infrared remote sensor for the 2020 and earlier Frame TVs is located on the bottom middle of the TV and faces down and forward for a wide range of view. 

If you are using an remote other than the Samsung Frame TV remote control to control your TV, you may experience a weak signal because the universal remote you are using is attempting to communicate with the TV via infrared line-of-site and cannot because the frame is in the way. This is is not a problem when using the standard remote that comes with the TV, but can be problematic with third party remotes. 

IR-2As a work around we do have a device called our IR-2 Infrared Relay System. You would attach one of the IR emitters of this device in the location shown above over the infrared eye on the bottom of the TV or onto the wall in that approximate location then velcro the connector block to the wall so it will be concealed behind our Deco TV Frame.