Surface Mounted with Straps Method

Let your TV Frame simply slip over the front of your TV with our straps method.





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The simplest installation method for a motorized artwork frame is by using our straps installation method to slip the motorized art subframe over the front of the TV then secure the frame onto the TV using two straps which extend vertically from the top of the TV to the bottom. This method can used for surface mounted TV's or fully recessed TV's using an articulating swing arm. 

What to do before the frame arrives:
  • TV: Use an ultra thin television (less than 2" thick) 
    • RECESSED: Make a roughed in recess in the wall with a 2x4 stud on all four sides of the recess. Contact us to determine the opening size of the recess. 
    • SURFACE MOUNTED: Install the TV as normal on a wall ensuring that the mount is secured into studs. 
  • ELECTRICAL:  install a standard 2 receptacle outlet behind the TV

NOTE: This method is not recommended for TV's greater than 50" diagonal screen size. Installation using this method on screen sizes larger than this can result in serious injury or death. 

WARNING: If you have any questions or concerns about the installation process of any of our products, DO NOT PROCEED!  Contact 978-912-7200 before proceeding.  Failure to properly install this system may result in serious injury or death. 

Be sure to also review the information provided by your TV manufacturer and the supplier of the TV's wall mount to ensure the weight ratings and limitations of any devices directly associated by the installation of this product. 

Installation Steps:

The following animation shows an overview of the majority of the installation process. 

For information on how to install the infrared relay system (IR-1E or IR-2) on the TV prior to installing the frame visit the following: 

From the front side of the TV make some alignment adjustments. 
A) Shift the frame left/right so that none of the TV's bezel is visible. 
B) If any of the TV's lower bezel is visible, measure how much is visible. 


Along with the frame packaging materials there is a package of black spacer squares in varying thicknesses. 

Select the appropriate combination of blocks to equal the same height as the measurement taken in the prior step. Remove the adhesive backing and stack the spacers together. Make two stacks of spacers to the same height. 


Add the two stacks of spacers to the bottom side of the top of the subframe (just below the artwork gearbox) Then reinstall the subframe onto the TV. 


Alternate installation Method:

For larger TV's 50" and greater, you may want to consider the L Brackets installation method below to take the weight off the TV and TV Wall Mount.