L Brackets Method (for surface mounted TVs)

Let the wall support the weight of your TV art cover by using a series of 4 L shaped brackets at the four corners of your frame.



This installation method is designed generally for TV's 50" and larger with any type of TV wall mount where the objective is to have the weight of the frame directly supported by the wall by the TV like in the straps installation method

Tools Required: 

  • Power Drill 
  • Level
  • Wall Mount for the television (customer supplied) 

NOTE: This mounting method does not replace the need for a wall mount for the TV. This is purely an adapter plate for your wall mount. 

If using one of our Infrared Relay Systems with your frame, you will want to install the IR Unit before installing the frame. 

WARNING: If you have any questions or concerns about the installation process of any of our products, DO NOT PROCEED! Contact 978-912-7200 before proceeding. Failure to properly install this system may result in serious injury or death. 

Be sure to also review the information provided by your TV manufacturer and the supplier of the TV's wall mount to ensure the weight ratings and limitations of any devices directly associated by the installation of this product. 


Need to Order a Set of L Brackets?

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For TV's recessed in the wall, some applications may use the recessed rails method described in the article below. You would generally use the recessed rails method if straps were installed in your frame.