Mirrors for frames larger than TV screen size

Learn about what to expect when the TV Mirror is bigger than the TV size.

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Sometimes clients would like to have a mirror that is larger than the TV's visible screen size. This can certainly be accomplished. For this type of application, the following images will illustrate how the results would appear. 

NOTE: These images are very similar to what you would see with either Opticlear Ultra or Opticlear. Because these glass types are lower reflectivity and extremely clear you can see the transition. On the Reflections or the Lux mirror types, the transition would be invisible and the TV would fully vanish behind the mirror. 

In this image, notice how the TV's picture extends all the way to the edge of the mirror and the mirror has a consistent reflection across the entire area.


In this image, notice how the border of the mirror comes in a few inches from the edge of the frame to where the TV screen begins. When the TV is off, you'll notice a slight variation in the mirrors reflective surface because there are two different types of black behind the TV's picture. 

This effect will be more visible with Opticlear and Opticlear Ultra TV mirrors. With the Reflections and Lux TV Mirrors this variation will not  be visible at all. 



More example Images

Depending on the lighting in the room the transition may be less OR more noticeable. Here, you can see that the transition between the back painted area and the TV screen is visible to varying degrees from one room to the next. This is where ordering TV Mirror Samples to review in your space is always high recommended.

Examples with OptiClear Ultra TV Mirror Glass

This glass type is better for living room/bedroom applications where the top priority is TV viewing and secondarily to be used as a decorative mirror.









Examples with Reflections Vanity TV Mirror Glass

This glass type is better for bathroom vanities where the top priority is mirror reflectivity because it's being used as a makeup or shaving mirror.

W321405-2 - Edited

Reflections Vanity Mirror Glass

W321405-1 - Edited



Which Type of Glass is Best for Me?





Do I need Blackout Backing?

Sometimes the back of the glass needs to be blacked out where the TV's screen is not going to show through to minimize this transition effect.

Learn More about Blackout Backing Options