Auto-Rotating Wall Mount for Samsung The Frame TVs

The motorized mount available for Samsung The Frame will automatically rotate the TV from horizontal to vertical art.

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At CES Las Vegas in January of 2022 we were excited to discover this cool new offering by Samsung. 

Motorized Rotating Samsung Frame Mount

Samsung-motorized-rotating-mount-2022At CES 2022 in Las Vegas we were excited to discover this NEW motorized rotating wall mount to switch the TV from horizontal to portrait mode. This way you can display your artwork vertically when not watching TV or also when viewing content from your mobile device you could view the content vertically to fill the screen.  

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Samsung Rotating Mount with Deco TV Frames 

Special thanks to Rockstar Home Systems for sending in this video showing an example of our Contemporary Gold Deco TV Frame with the Samsung Auto-Rotating wall mount. 

NOTE: You may notice here that when the TV is in vertical mode, the art doesn't fill the screen. This is because the art image was saved in a landscape format as a 3840 x 2160 image.  To convert a horizontal piece of art into vertical art on the Samsung Frame TV, open the image in photo editing software and rotate it. Save the image as 2160x3840 to fill the screen vertically. However, when the TV is horizontal, it will not fill the screen as it recognizes it as vertical art.  Learn More



On the Samsung Studio Stand, the Auto-rotating wall mount will only support up to a 43" Screen Size Deco Frame in order for the frame to still clear the stand. Any larger size Deco Frames would interfere with the Stand.  

Without the rotating mount on the Studio Stand you can add up to a 55" Deco TV Frame. 


FREE art for samsung the frame tv


Showcase your mobile content in whichever orientation you captured it. 


Model Year Compatibility

The auto rotating Samsung mounts are ONLY compatible with the 2022 Samsung Frame TV.  The pairing process of pairing the remote to the rotating mount will fail with any other year of TV. 

Additionally the rotating mount works with QN85B, QN90B, QN95, QN900B, QN800B, QN700B TVs, but do keep in mind that Deco TV Frames are not compatible with these additional QN models. Our frames are only compatible with Samsung Frame TVs. 

Auto Rotating Mount Versions

An interesting things to note about this mount. Because there are a few different VESA Mounting patterns on Samsung The Frame TVs, there will be TWO different versions of this wall mount. 

Rotating Mount For 65" Samsung Frame TVs 

Wall Mount Version Studio Stand Version

This TV features a 400mm x 300mm VESA Mounting Pattern

Rotating Mount For 43", 50" & 55" Samsung Frame TVs 

Wall Mount Version Studio Stand Version

This TV features a 200mm x 200mm VESA Mounting Pattern

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Rotating Mount For 32", 75" & 85" Samsung Frame TVs 

There IS NOT a rotating mount made for these TVs. Do not try to use the above two mounts as they will not work. 


Here's a photo from the actual instructions showing specifically which versions of the rotating mount will fit which TVs. 



Auto Rotating Wall Mount Power Requirement

All versions of the auto rotating wall mount come with a 24V power adapter that plugs from the bottom of the wall mount to a standard 110v/240V wall outlet. 


Depth From Wall

The auto rotating mount combined with the TV makes the TV project just 2.5" from the face of the TV back to the wall. 



Stream Mobile Content to Samsung The Frame

Now supporting both vertical and horizontal content directly from your phone. 


NOTE: We have not been able to test our Deco TV Frames with the new rotating mounts to know if our frames will be compatible with them or not. We are hoping so, but it may depend on if the mounts can support the additional weight of the frame. 

Stay tuned and subscribe to our Youtube channel to know once we have tested this and done a review of the rotating mounts when they become available. 




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