Adding Custom Art & Personal Photos to Samsung Frame TV

Here's a step by step video on how to add art to your Samsung Frame TV

Adding Art to Samsung The Frame 

This tutorial video will explain all the necessary steps to adding custom art and how to use the Samsung SmartThings App to do this all conveniently from your phone. 

Alternate Approach without using the SmartThings App

If you are having trouble with the Samsung SmartThings App or would prefer not to use the app, then you can simply save the files to a USB Thumb drive and plug it into the USB port on the side of the One Connect Box. 

From a computer, save your art files to your downloads folder then drag & drop the files to a USB thumb drive and plug into the USB port shown on the One Connect Box


Resizing Your Art to The Correct Size

To resize your art instantly to the correct size, we have a special page on our site for resizing art to the ideal 3840 x 2160 pixels. Here's a link to the Deco TV Frames Art Resizing Tool  or you can also try the free Image Size App on your phone. 


Then Add a Premium Frame

Checkout all of the premium Deco TV Frames offered for your Samsung Frame TV to really finish off your art. 

Your TV is not truly Art until you add a Deco TV Frame! 

Frames for Samsung The Frame



Tutorials on Samsung The Frame

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