Samsung The Frame with Mantle Mount Lift

A drop down MantleMount MM860 mount to allow your TV to drop down to a normal viewing level.

This professional installation courtesy of the team at RDU TV Mounting out of Durham, NC. 

How It's Done 

Purchase a Mantle Mount MM860 from MantleMount or Here on Amazon and recess into the wall as shown below. You can find a local TV installer through OnTech.  Then simply clip the Deco TV Frame on the front. The motorized version shown in the above video is the MM860 and is only available through authorized installers. 

NOTE: If you are using one of the manual versions of the MantleMount rather than the motorized version, be careful not to pull directly on the Deco Frame. The hardware in the frame is not designed for the frame to be pulled on and could result in the frame coming apart which could lead to injury. Never pull on the frame itself. 


Home theater installer Adam Zell of Boston Automation in Massachusetts, demonstrate how a Samsung Frame TV can be used in combination with a motorized wall mount to bring a TV to eye level for optimal viewing.  

Mantle Mount wall mounts come in a variety of versions. You can see more of them in the mounts section on our Amazon Store


Tutorials on Samsung The Frame

YouTube deco tv frames Samsung The FrameWe regularly publish new videos about Samsung The Frame TVs to answer many FAQs to help you get the most of your TV. Be sure to subscribe to our channel to learn more. 


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