Locating Model Number of Samsung Frame TV

The Deco TV Frames collection is only compatible with Samsung The Frame TVs. Here's how to tell if you have a Samsung Frame TV and how to Locate a Samsung Frame TV model number.

Samsung Frame TV Box

The above is a photo of the outside of the box for a Samsung Frame TV. If your box does NOT look like this, the odds are, you do not have a Samsung Frame TV.  

Locating Your Samsung Frame TV Model Number

Finding the model number on a Samsung Frame 2022 TV can be a bit tricky. But don't worry, we've got you covered! Check out this video that explains exactly how to locate the model number.


If you're not sure if you have a Samsung Frame TV here's how you can easily identify your model year... 


Deco-Only-Samsung-FrameDeco TV Frames Are ONLY Compatible with Samsung The Frame TVs

As part of an exclusive arrangement with Samsung, the Deco TV Frames product line is only made to be compatible with Samsung The Frame TVs. Our frames are not made for other TV models nor other TVs within the Samsung lineup. 

The frames are made specific to Samsung The Frame largely because of the extremely thin form factor of this TV model as well as the Art Mode. A Deco Frame combined with Art Mode makes for a complete decor solution. 

By the Model Number of your TV

All Samsung Frame TVs have an LS03 in the model number as you can see in the table below. 

2024 Version

32" - QN32LS03C 

43" - QN43LS03D 

50" - QN50LS03D

55" - QN55LS03D 

65" - QN65LS03D 

75" - QN75LS03D 

85" - QN85LS03D 

2023 Version

32" - QN32LS03C 

43" - QN43LS03B 

50" - QN50LS03B 

55" - QN55LS03B 

65" - QN65LS03B 

75" - QN75LS03B 

85" - QN85LS03B 

2022 Version

32" - QN32LS03B 

43" - QN43LS03B 

50" - QN50LS03B 

55" - QN55LS03B 

65" - QN65LS03B 

75" - QN75LS03B 

2021 Version

32" - QN32LS03A

43" - QN43LS03A 

50" - QN50LS03A

55" - QN55LS03A

65" - QN65LS03A

75" - QN75LS03A

2020 Version

32" - QN32LS03T 

43" - QN43LS03T 

50" - QN50LS03T 

55" - QN55LS03T 

65" - QN65LS03T 

75" - QN75LS03T

2019 Version

43" - QN43LS03R

49" - QN49LS03R

55" - QN55LS03R

65" - QN65LS03R

2018 Version

43" - QN43LS03N

55" - QN55LS03N

65" - QN65LS03N 

2017 Version

43" - QN43LS003

55" - QN55LS003

65" - QN65LS003

Samsung The Frame TV 2022-2023 User Manual

 Samsung The Frame 2022 User Manual InstallationAll of the Samsung Frame user manuals can be found here on Samsung's Support Site.  But if you're looking for the 2022 & 2023 Frame TV Manual here it is!

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