Locating Model Number of Samsung Frame TV

The Deco TV Frames collection is only compatible with Samsung The Frame TVs. Here's how to tell if you have a Samsung Frame TV and how to Locate a Samsung Frame TV model number.

Samsung Frame TV Box

The above is a photo of the outside of the box for a Samsung Frame TV. If your box does NOT look like this, the odds are, you do not have a Samsung Frame TV. 

By Your Remote Control Buttons

remote graphic-03If you're not sure if you have a Samsung Frame TV, you can easily tell this by one button on your TV's remote.

If the remote that came with your TV has this button on it, then your TV is equipped with Art Mode and means you have a Samsung Frame TV 





#1 Most Common Mistake We See

Consumers in many cases will accidentally purchase one of our Deco Frames assuming it will fit any Samsung Television. Sadly this is not the case. The Deco TV Frames are ONLY compatible with Samsung Frame TVs

The black remote shown above is NOT for a Samsung Frame TV and we're sorry but the Deco Frames would not be compatible with this TV or any other non-Samsung The Frmae TV. 


By the Model Number of your TV

All Samsung Frame TVs have an LS03 in the model number as you can see in the table below. 

TV Screen Sizes 2017 2018  2019 2020
32"       QN32LS03T
43" UN43LS003 UN43LS03N QN43LS03R QN43LS03T
49"     QN49LS03R  
50"       QN50LS03T
55" UN55LS003 UN55LS03N QN55LS03R QN55LS03T
65" UN65LS003 UN65LS03N QN65LS03R QN65LS03T
75"       QN75LS03T


Locating Your Samsung Frame TV Model Number

1) Press the HOME Button on your Remote









2) Go to TV Settings 


3) Go to Support > About this TV  


4) Here's your TV Model Number. If there is an LS03 in the model number then you have a Samsung Frame TV.  

Locate a Samsung Frame Model number


What's in the Box for Samsung Frame TVs



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