How to Hide a Cable Box When Mounting a TV on the Wall

Tips and tricks on ways to conceal an unsightly cable box

Run Wires Through the Wall to a Cabinet

Finding a media cabinet with a glass front and have the wires run through the wall by your electrician or TV installer is one of the most common ways to place a cable box nearby and mostly out of site. 


If you don't want to have a glass front cabinet, you can get an Infrared (IR) repeater system like the IR-2 Relay Unit that's included with any TV frame made by Frame My TV. 


Can't Run Wires Through the Wall? 

Wireless HDMI ExtenderWe understand it's not always possible to run wires through the wall or perhaps you just don't want to deal with hiring a professional. In this case, there are many different Wireless HDMI Extenders on the market to allow you to place your cable box anywhere you wish in the room and connect it to your cable box wirelessly for the ultimate in flexibility. 



Build a Recess Behind Your TV

in wall box for cable boxWhile a bit more complicated, you can also build a recess in the wall behind your TV to house your cable box. There are a variety of types of in-wall boxes for A/V Components you purchase to fit in a nice in the wall. 





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The Finishing Touch

Add a TV Frame, TV Mirror, or TV Art Cover  to hide the TV after you're all done. 



TV Art Covers (Starting at $4,000)


Entertainment TV Mirror

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Or for a more ecomonical solution, go with Samsung The Frame TV and their One Connect Box and add a decorative frame from Deco TV Frames (Starting at $499) 

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