Deco TV Frame Side Views

What does the side view look like with a Deco TV Frame and why are Samsung Frame TV's so unique that we decided to devote an entire product category to them?

Why is a Samsung Frame TV So Thin?

One of the best aspects of Samsung The Frame televisions, is how through the use of their innovative One Connect Box, Samsung is changing the way we think about wiring to a television. By using a single clear wire to connect the TV to the One Connect Box with all the HDMI and other component connections. By housing these parts in a separate location, the TV is able to be incredibly thin to the wall when combined with their No-Gap Wall Mount. 


Do Deco Frames Reach All the Way to the Wall? 

Our TV Frames for Samsung The Frame will wrap partially around the TV to cast a gentle shadow on the wall the last portion of the way so you can't see behind the TV unless you are really getting up close and trying to see what's behind the frame. 

At that point, you may really want to ask your guests why they are looking so closely at the back of your TV instead of enjoying the beautiful frame on the front of it. 😀



Deco TV Frames  for Samsung Frame TV


What is the Samsung No Gap Wall Mount?

Samsung Frame TV's come with a unique wall mount that's designed to bring the TV extremely close to the wall unlike any surface mounted TV we've ever seen in our 14 year history of framing over 10,000 TV's. Watch this Video and you'll see why the No Gap Wall Mount is so unique. Through its combination with the back of the TV, the No Gap Mount literally embeds itself into the back of the TV so you TV fits as tight to the wall as it possibly can. 




Compared to Other TVs

For typical comparison to other TV's this image shows how on a left a typical thin wall mount on a regular Sony TV would stick quite a few inches off the wall as compared to one of our Deco TV Frames on the right with a Samsung The Frame TV. Samsung truly has changed the game when it comes to making a TV look like art on a wall.