Branding Deco TV Frames vs Frame My TV?

An explanation of why we operate under two brands and which brand to use.

A Brief History Lesson

Frame My TV was founded in 2006 by accident in a garage in Lowell, Massachusetts, due to a measuring error during a home renovation, which you can read more about here. From 2006 to 2019, we made custom TV frames, motorized canvas artworks, and TV mirrors for clients around the world and became well known in the CI industry for our premium solutions to hiding flat-screen TVs. 

In 2019, we introduced a new product line of TV Frames made explicitly for Samsung The Frame TVs. Since we had become well known in the industry for making frames for all TVs on the market and our other artwork and mirror lines, we launched a new brand name, "Deco TV Frames," to market these new lower-priced frames under in an effort to separate them from our other products and to market them under a different dedicated website, 

As luck would have it, we managed to secure a booth at the last minute at CEDIA in Denver to launch the new Deco TV Frames line. As the stars aligned on this moment, the canceled 10'x20' booth we happened to acquire was located directly across the aisle from Samsung Electronics America! 

From that CEDIA event, Samsung discovered what we and the CI industry had to offer and loved what they found. A large number of new dealers signed on, and new relationships throughout the industry instantly emerged. Since then, a partnership with Samsung has formed over the years, and we are proud to work closely with them to promote Samsung The Frame worldwide.

So Why Two Websites Still? 

In the year following the launch, we discontinued our other custom product lines one by one to concentrate and grow our manufacturing capacity to support the Deco TV Frames line of products. However, still houses all our B2B reseller accounts, orders, and logins. Ultimately, we came to the conclusion that both operationally and from an SEO perspective, it made sense to maintain the site of the parent company "Frame My TV" separately from the B2C "Deco TV Frames" site. Since the Deco logo and brand were becoming so widely known by consumers, we gradually transitioned to the new logo with the tagline "by Frame My TV" to alleviate any confusion and represent the company and the product line in one logo. 

Simply put, the CI industry always knew us as Frame My TV, but the general public came to recognize Deco TV Frames, so now we have both combined into one brand identity. 

Which Logo Should You Use? 

We ask that all marketing of our products use the Deco Logos with the Frame My TV tagline. Various versions of this logo exist, and they can all be found on our Marketing Resources Portal for Resellers.  

CI Image assets library for resellers

Where Should I Place Orders?

All reseller accounts and logins are located on the original Frame My TV site and should be placed there. You'll also find your order history here, where you can download copies of your invoices. No reseller orders should be placed at The Deco site is solely for retail-priced orders, and orders placed there by accident will NOT be eligible for pricing adjustments and cannot be transferred to your account. Also any orders placed by accident on the site will NOT count towards your annual spend for Platinum Dealer Status.