Custom Artwork Resolution Requirements

What resolution artwork file do I need to submit for the best results?

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Not All Pixels Are Created Equal

One of the most challenging questions for us to answer is when a client asks "What resolution file do you accept?"  The technical answer is below in the next section.  In general though, the files we typically receive are well over 5-10MB.  Sometimes the files are over 100 MB. Unfortunately, file sizes along do not always tell the full story.   However, if you have a file size that only  100 KB - 2 MB, the odds are it's simply not a high enough resolution for us to make a quality piece of art from. 

Your best bet is to Upload the File to Us for Review (but only if it's at a bare minimum of a few MB.) 

Custom Artwork Resolution Requirements

Upload art fileCustom artwork should be in an uncompressed digital file format of TIFF preferably and should be at a minimum resolution of 180 dpi at the final print size but ideally 300 dpi or higher if available. However, we do not recommend simply up-sizing an existing file. If you are unsure, simply upload the highest resolution image you have and let us know what the screen of the TV you plan to conceal is and we can review the file to let you know if it will be sufficient. Additional acceptable file types are JPG, PNG, GIF, PSD, TIFF, and EPS.

Upload Your Custom Art File

Approximate Artwork Output Print Sizes: 

This is the size the visible final artwork print will be 

Diagonal Screen Size Height Width
32" 19" 31"
40" 23" 38"
43" 25" 41"
46" 26" 43"
49" 27" 46"
50" 28" 47"
52" 30" 50"
55" 31" 52"
60" 34" 57"
65" 36" 61"
70" 39" 65"
75" 41" 70"
80" 44" 74"
85" 46" 79"
90" 49" 83"
110" 58" 100"


Ordering a Test Strip

When submitting custom art files to us, if you would like you can also request a test strip as a proof.


Click Here to Order a Test Strip 


What Aspect Ratio Works Best?

cropC_SW16:9 is the recommended Aspect Ratio


Checkout this article for more information on image aspect ratios and how to crop your image.