Image Cropping for a TV Art Cover

Depending on the shape of your original artwork, it may need to be cropped to fit the same rectangular shape of a TV.

It goes without saying, that artists do not create paintings solely with the intention of them being used as one of our TV Art Covers to hide a TV. As a result, cropping to some degree is often necessary.

Here's an Example


How well will YOUR ART fit a TV's 16:9 Shape?

Our friends at have developed a great online tool to let you easily see how your image will look cropped. Give it a try for yourself.

Be sure to select these settings when you use Croppola to see how your art will look as a 16:9 aspect ratio.


IF You Are Using an External Speaker Bar

The aspect ratio will change a bit depending on the size of the speaker bar relative to the overall size of your TV. Most likely you'll be a bit closer to to a 4:3 aspect ratio.

Here's an article with additional details on How We Accommodate a Speaker Bar

Losing Too Much of Your Desired Art to Cropping?

There are some solutions to this, please upload your art below and/or contact us at 978-912-7149 to discuss your options further.

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Custom Art & Common Painting Sizes

Clients commonly ask what the sizing of their art will be based on their screen size.

Here's article with more info on this topic.