Custom Art Researching Service

Find a piece of art you would like to try to have to hide your TV but not sure where to begin? Not to worry... let our experts help.

Have you found the perfect piece of artwork that you would like us to hide your TV with, but don't know how to go about obtaining the rights to that image?  

Not a problem!! Let us do the heavy lifting. We are well versed in this often tricky area of negotiating custom artwork licensing deals for our clients. In the process, there are often considerable research and negotiations required for us to accomplish this so we ask that you just pay a nominal deposit to be applied towards your TV frame. 

What's included: 


  • Research and negotiations of royalty fee for ONE work of art. Just let us know the artist & title of the work of art.  We will advise you of the negotiated royalty at which point you can decide how you would like to proceed. If you decide not to select this piece of artwork, you can still apply the deposit to a different piece of artwork. 
  • We prepare and file the necessary legal agreements directly with the copyright holder on your behalf.
  • The deposit fee is non-refundable (unless we are unsuccessful in obtaining a license for the desired artwork)
  • The full deposit fee would be issued to you as a gift certificate to be applied toward your TV Frame order with us. 

What's NOT included: 

  • This deposit does NOT replace the royalty fee that is paid to the artist. These royalty fees vary typically from $100 - $1,000 and sometimes even higher. We cannot speculate or guarantee what the actual royalty paid to the artist will be until the negotiations with them are complete.  We will make our best effort to obtain the lowest royalty possible. All royalties are added to the order total for your merchandise.  
  • Frame My TV is not permitted to give the high resolution digital files to the end client. These files are used only to fulfill your order with us and are then destroyed.  

How long will this take? 

Times can vary greatly depending on how difficult it is for us to obtain the license and digital files from the copyright holder. We have had this take from as little as a few days up to 6 months in more extreme scenarios. Unfortunately, many works of art are owned by an estate and getting the owners to respond can be a lengthy process. Typically though this process can be completed within a few weeks.

NOTE: These times do not include the actual 6 week production time for us to make the motorized TV art cover once we have the necessary approvals from both the artist and you. 


A $250 deposit that can be applied towards any frame purchase at Frame My TV. 

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Our Guarantee

While we are often successful in our efforts, not all art is guaranteed to be available. Therefore, if we are unsuccessful in obtaining a license, you can either specify a different work of art for us to research OR we can issue you a full refund of the deposit fee. The deposit is not refunded if the art is found, but you choose not to agree to the copyright holders terms or royalty. 


Frame My TV reserves the right to refund and/or cancel this item at any time.