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Will there be a Smart Room Sensor for 2021 Samsung Frame TVs?

The motion and light sensor on the new 2021 Samsung Frame TV is quite different from prior years and required a redesign of the SRS system.


The new SRS-2 unit has been designed, but due to the same global supply chain shortage of microchips affecting so many industries, we do not expect to be able to start shipping SRS-2 units until Dec or January when the parts are expected to arrive. 

Samsung Frame 2021 Motion Sensor

UPDATED: Sep 6, 2021. Check back for periodic updates. 

The new version of the Motion & Light sensor on 2021 TVs operates differently from in prior years as we highlight and explain in this section of our full review of the Samsung Frame 2021 TVs and it's also a feature that Samsung appears to be disabling by default as it's not a highly used feature because the motion sensor even without a frame can result in the TV randomly turning off at unwanted times or does not always turn the TV back on when entering the room. As a result, we find that most users do not use this hidden feature of the TV. 

To disable the motion sensor, simply go to Art Mode > Settings > Night Mode > Disable 


(We've skipped ahead below to this section of the video, feel free to rewind to see the full review)

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To answer the question that's commonly been asked, will we release a 2021 compatible version of our Smart Room Sensor (SRS) module? 

image-png-Dec-09-2020-02-35-51-55-AMOur engineering team has made great advances in learning how the motion sensor works on the 2021 TVs. We have successfully design a new SRS-2 system and are in the final testing phases before releasing this to production.

Due to global supply chain shortages in some of the chip components necessary, we have had to continually modify the design due to parts availability. We think we now have a final design and are attempting to source all of the necessary components to release the SRS-2 module by end of 2021. 

Why Are you Offering Frames that Don't support the Motion Sensor?

Had we known the motion sensor would be changing for 2021, we would have had something designed and ready when the TVs were released, but this revelation came as a complete surprise to us when we received our first 2021 TV in April of 2021 and we've been working on a way to accommodate this since then. 


Initially we didn't know if a new SRS unit would even be needed for the 2021 TVs since the TV has the motion sensing features disabled by default for the first time ever. We believe this is because of something we've known for a long time based on our customer polling studies. We found that very few people actually use the motion sensor feature of the TVs because in general the entire point of a Samsung Frame TV is to be digital art on the wall. The light sensing features which allow the TV to auto adjust the brightness of the TV are used a bit more than the motion sensing features we've found.   

However, even when we did offer the SRS for the 2020 TVs, we found a surprisingly small level of interest in the SRS module. 

We're so confident that you'll find our frames to be complete game changers even without support for the sensor, that if you purchase a Deco TV Frame and find that you are not satisfied with it, just contact us and we'll be happy to issue a full no hassle refund. 

In regards, to the ambient light portion of the motion & light sensor in the TV, there is minimal to no impact this feature of the TV by the addition of our frames than in prior years. At most you may want to manually increase the brightness by just one step. 


Screen Shot 2021-09-29 at 9.00.44 AMSo far from all of those who have received on of our 2021 versions of our Deco TV Frames, the feedback has incredible with very few concerns about the  Motion & Light Sensor in the TV, but we do anticipate there will be more requests in the future. This article will be periodically updated as new developments arise. 



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