Motion Sensor Compatibility

One feature of Samsung The Frame TV's is a motion & light sensor that detects activity and ambient light levels in the room

On the bottom of a Samsung The Frame TV, there is a clear plastic retractable protrusion that contains a motion & light sensor. This sensor performs a few primary functions.

  • Motion Detection - When the TV is in ART MODE, if the room is vacant or no motion is detected for an extended period of time, then the TV screen will power down. When motion OR a major change in the light level (ie: a light switch being turned on) in the room is detected, then the TV will turn back on to art mode within a few seconds. 
  • Light Detection - When in ART MODE, the TV will read the approximate light level in the room and will adjust the brightness of the art on the screen to mimic what a piece of art would look like in a dimly lit room. 

Since our premium line of frames is all wider than the bezels that Samsung Offers, this means the motion sensor is blocked and the effectiveness of this sensor is diminished.  Even still the motion sensor will still detect when a light is turned on in the room and will consider that to be the same as motion and therefore the TV will turn back on. There are also a variety of TV setting adjustments that can be made to compensate or minimize the impact. 


While these setting adjustments meet the needs of may clients, we have received multiple feature requests for our TV frames to accommodate the Motion & Light Sensor functionality. In response, our engineering team has been hard at work on a way to add this feature.  


We have developed an electronic relay module as an add-on accessory for our Deco TV Frames. This module will communicate information about motion and light levels in the room directly to the TV so the TV can return from sleep mode when motion is detected  & so the brightness of the TV will auto-adjust based on the lighting in the room. 

Date of Availability

The electronic relay modules are currently in manufacturing with an estimated availability date of around Labor Day 2020. 

Is My Frame Compatible?

Frames shipped from July 27, 2020 going forward will be compatible with this motion sensor module. You can easily identify if your frame is compatible by looking for this orange arrow sticker on either the lower back of the frame OR at the end of the box. 

COST: When this module becomes available, you'll be able to order this item separately and can easily install it into the rear of the frame.  The exact cost of the module is still being determined, but we estimate it will be between $59-$79 + shipping.  


If your frame DOES NOT have this orange label, then a modification to your frame will be required for it to be compatible. We will be announcing details and availability about an upgrade program in the near future.  The way the program will work is we will mail you an empty box with a return label for you to package and return the lower side of your frame and we will modify it to be compatible with the new accessory module. 

COST:  The exact cost of the upgrade program is still being determined, but we estimate it will be around $99 + shipping